The GeoHelm Home Page

The GeoHelm home page is located under Servers > GeoHelm

At the top of the page, the current Tomcat and Java is displayed.

If an update is available for either, a green "Update" button will appear.

The home page contains the main navigation buttons for:

1. Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Tomcat

2. Editing Tomcat Configuration Files

3. Deploying and Undeploying WAR Files

4. Java Manager

5. GeoServer Installer and web.xml Editor

6. PostgreSQL Repository Manager

You can customize all aspects of the home page via the /webmin/geohelm directory.

Be sure to back up all files prior to making any changes.



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GeoHelm Home Page

Tomcat Config Page

Tomcat WARs Page

Java Page

GeoServer Page

PostgreSQL Page

Managing Libraries

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Securing Your Installation

Moving the GeoServer Data Directory

Command Line Usage