GeoHelm FAQ


Which operating systems are supported?

CentOS 7.x
Debian 8.x
Debian 9.x
Ubuntu 14.0.4
Ubuntu 16.0.4
Fedora 24
Fedora 25

Other variants should work, although adjustment may be required.


Do I need to deploy GeoServer?

No, all components except for Apache Tomcat and Java are optional.

If you want to build GIS application using Java without GeoServer, you can do so.


Can I deploy GeoNetwork?

Yes. Just drop the GeoNetwork WAR file into the webapps directory.

You can do this via GeoHelm > WARS or via command line or Tomcat Manager.


Do I need to install Webmin?

Yes, GeoHelm is designed for Webmin. See below for other options.


What happens if I delete GeoHelm from Webmin?

Nothing. All components installed by GeoHelm will continue operating normally.


What language is GeoHelm written in?

GeoHelm is written in Perl.


What if I just want to develop with PostGIS?

Just install Webmin (or not) and follow my guide here. It does the same thing GeoHelm does for PostgreSQL.


Does GeoHelm install NodeJS, Virtuanenv, or PHP?

Not be default. You can install any of above without impacting the software being installed.


What is the license for GeoHelm?

GeoHelm is licensed under GNU GPLv3. You can view the license here


Why don't you use Docker, etc...?

Our experience in System Administration has taught us that the less virtualization, the better.

GeoHelm is intended to install the latest, stable packages on the operating system.


Do I need to have a domain name pointed at my server?

No. You can use the server IP if you wish to.


Is GeoHelm green?

GeoHelm will only run on coal-burning JVMs. Future releases will use organic, horse-drawn JVMs.


Is this free software?

Yes, GeoHelm is free and Open Source software.


Do you offer support? provides commercial support.




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