Trouble-Shooting Tomcat

The troubleshooting guide below is meant only to address issues with the GeoHelm UI.

For a full look at troubleshooting Tomcat, please see the Tomcat Troubleshooting Wiki

If using the Start, Stop, or Restart button produces an error.

  1. Wait a moment and try again
  2. Wait a bit longer and try a second time

If the error persists, examine the log file under /home/tomcat/version/logs/catalina.out

The file can be accessed via Other > File Manager

To kill all Tomcat process, start an SSH session and issue:

pkill -9 java


Some common causes of errors are:

  1. Tomcat failed to stop
  2. Deploying an unsupported jar
  3. Deploying a version mis-matched jar
  4. A second session was spawned, causing the port to be occupied.



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