GeoHelm Apache HTTP Server Page

The Apache WebServer (HTTP) module is provided by Webmin.


This page will cover installation, stopping and starting Apache WebServer, and troubleshooting.

Apache WebServer is not one of the components installed by GeoHelm.

However, as detailed in the installation guides, you must install the Apache WebServer prior to installing GeoHelm


To do so, simply click on Unused Modules > Apache WebServer and then click the "Install" button as shown below.

This is required as GeoHelm installs an HTTP proxy entry for GeoServer and/or GeoExplorer.





Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Apache HTTP Server:


Option 1. Using Webmin:

Click on Servers > Apache Webserver in the left menu.

In the top left corner, click the "Stop" button to stop Apache.

Once stopped, the button will become a "Start" button.

To restart Apache, click the "Apply Changes" button in the top right corner.


Option 2. Command Line:

Connect via SSH to your server.

Issue the approrpriate command(s) below.


For Debian and Ubuntu:

$ service apache2 stop | start | restart


For CentOS and Fedora:

$ service httpd stop | start | restart


Troubleshooting Apache HTTP Server

Log files for Apache are located in the following directories:

Debian and Ubuntu:


CentOS and Fedora:



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